Flexofab was established in 2001 to cater to the needs of the Photopolymer plate making industry in India. There were only a couple of   manufacturers with some expertise in this field of activity at that point of time.


Flexofab worked closely with “ Printax” a distributor of DuPont “ Cyrel” plates in India to offer not only an equipment that fitted their needs technically and commercially but also plate making techniques to produce good quality plates.


Starting with individual orders for various custom built sizes from different customers Flexofab used the knowledge and experience gained from these into producing standardised sizes to fit various requirements.


Some of these were medium sized “ All in One “ tower units for many “ In – House “ label printers in the self adhesive and neck label segment.


Every installation was treated as a case study to fine tune and upgrade the equipments performance and build quality.


Today, Flexofab has close to 100 installations in India and abroad and offers a wide range of equipment to suit from stamp making , thru’ labels and packaging to large corrugation printing requirements.


Development is fast progressing on plate washers , anilox roll cleaners and plate cutter for various segments of the Flexographic printing industry.